The story so far...


Howdy!  It's Kenny Stockman.  I am a Richmond native, VCU Ram, and Canon shooter.  I started my photography career with live performances, landscapes, and astrophotography.  I soon realized that most people appreciated amazing details in my work.  I also realized I could conquer my fear of photographing and posing people, as well as focusing and shaping light.  My life journey has led me through many forests, some beautiful, some on fire, and some just open fields where nothing would grow.  My addiction to photography has led me into a full time career where I can grow and reach great accomplishments that I would have otherwise fallen short.

My other interests are playing piano, listening to loud rock or movie music, tech gadgets, sports, and anything that's so spicy, your eyes swell up after if you accidentally rub them. 

Please check out my work and I hope to add your images (or keep secret) to the site. 

Keep Growing!