Wall Demo Day 5 (of 7)

The Team is on FIRE!  One request.  Action is granted.  The Carpet is gone, and now we have a concrete floor that is a little porous from the glue.  Approval to move ahead to paint the floor black.  Now I need to get a 5 gallon bucket of Flat Black to paint this 400 SQ FT area.  And if there's extra, who knows where that may end up!


Wall Demo Day 2 (of 7)

Let there be LIGHT!  All the wiring, electrical, and sheet rock have been removed to see the bigger space.  It is also very bright now!  I can get very creative in here.  Each wall will have it's own characteristic.  I can back-light subjects on the west wall, or use a backdrop on the north wall, or give them full natural light on the east wall.  The south wall has the built-in cabinets and recessed lighting that could be used.  I could also add my own shadow props like a four-pane window frame.  I also have a GoBo pattern for that look, too.  The possibilities are endless.


Wall Demo Day 1 (of 7)

I needed a wall removed to allow for longer shooting depths.  This is day 1 with Donnie ready, talented, and willing to adjust the decor.  I sent him on a quest to find a left handed smoke shifter for the nail gun.  I haven't seen him for awhile.  Anyway, this will be Studio A, 16'x25'.  You are standing on the backdrop wall, looking at where I will be tethered from as I shoot.  The windows will be draped with light blocking black curtains.  However, it is easily transformable into a natural light studio with extra foam core panels and reflector top.  There are plans to raise the drop ceiling for a more industrial modern feel.  Phase II TBD.  Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's progress, aren't you?



New Studio

I am excited to announce that my studio will be ready to move in November 1, 2017.  They are removing one wall to allow for a longer shooting area.  There will be one or two other studios that can accomodate other types of photography.  We will have a conference or viewing room to reveal your portraits after retouching is complete.  Maybe I will post iphone shots of the demo progress here.  Stay Tuned...